Business Model

We propose to apply AIN0 technology to build intelligent buildings, that use smart floors.  This allows the building infrastructure to be an energy asset and data hub. This value engineered platform is a plug in to conventionally constructed buildings.  Our AI driven technology delivers optimized/upgraded conventional indoor comfort with existing building materials.   This technology, in terms of the BaaBSM concept, has been proven and delivered to several clients – the enhancement of applying AI-based technology is that it takes the efficiency to a higher level of performance needed for Net Zero Energy goals (bringing early payback through reduced costs.).

  1. As a supplier with a design we propose to build AIN0 around this technology, offering:
    1. Consulting services to Architects, Builders (for Greenfield New Developments) and Operators of existing facilities who desire to retrofit their buildings with our new technology (Brownfield Redevelopments).
    2. Systems (Products) comprising M&E equipment, IoT devices and Computer Platforms with AI-based software interfacing to the IoT network with API’s to the Building Infrastructure Management Systems.
    3. Software as a Service: We provide the AI based software as a stand-alone SaaS for System Integrators, ESCOs and Large Energy Controls Co’s to white label. The return on investment of early adopters of AIN0 technology is expected to be excellent as it matures into mass-market penetration.
    4. We propose to use Mixed Reality (AR/VR) functionality to monitor “before and after” heat flow in buildings. These systems can build compare the design simulation with the actual realization of the changes, for anomaly detection and optimization.