Vision: Blue Sky with Help of AI

We are AI NetZero Inc (AIN0), a Canadian “lean” start-up with Patent Pending technology. Our AI-enhanced “Building as a Battery” (BaaBSM) supports Net Zero Energy Buildings. It has significant impact on reduction of costs, carbon and energy savings.

Developers or real estate portfolio holders stand to enjoy new revenue streams. AIN0 enabled solution power allows building managers/operators to do more with less. They can be more focused on the goal the building is trying to achieve. Successful new carbon neutral buildings do not need radical rethinking. AI enabled “Building as a Battery”SM meets broader low carbon living needs.

We propose to apply AIN0 and smart floor technology to build intelligent buildings.  This allows the building infrastructure to be an energy asset and data hub. This value engineered platform is a plug in to constructed buildings.  Our AI driven technology delivers optimized/upgraded indoor comfort with existing building materials.   This technology, in terms of the BaaBSM concept, has been proven and delivered to several clients – the enhancement of applying AI-based technology is that it takes the efficiency to a higher level of performance needed for Net Zero Energy goals (bringing early payback through reduced costs.).

As a supplier with a design we propose to build AIN0 around this technology, offering:

  1. Consulting services to Architects, Builders for Greenfield New Developments.
  2. Operators of existing facilities who desire to upgrade or retrofit Brownfield Redevelopments.

Systems (Products) comprising of:

  • M&E equipment, IoT devices and Computer Platforms.
  • AI-based software interfacing to the IoT network.
  • API’s interfaced to the Building Infrastructure Management Systems.

Software as a Service. We provide the AI based software as a stand-alone SaaS. It aimed at System Integrators, ESCOs and Large Energy Controls Co’s to white label.

Investment return of early adopters of AIN0 technology expected to be excellent. Mass-market penetration maturity cycle shortened as AIN0 sits on top of existing technology.

We propose to use Mixed Reality (AR/VR) functionality to track “before and after” heat flow in buildings. These systems compare the design simulation with the actual performance. Continuous global re-commissioning is enabled. Deviation detection and optimization in real time feeds into AIN0 self learning platform.



AIN0’s BaaBSM technology uses AI-based Deep Learning with a IoT Data Collection network and APIs to BIMs.  We propose to deliver our business model in monetizable “stages”, e.g., with respect to the Business Model mentioned in 2 above, we would build out product and service offering in stages a-b-c-d.

  1. The Founder and CEO is Jack Laken. P.Eng. President of indoor comfort system and electrical consulting. Total of 25 years. Integrated building solution supplier with a design from 2003 to current. BaaBSM technology has a proven track record validated by independent third parties.
  2. The CTO and VP Sales and Marketing is Martin Ciupa. An industry expert in AI based systems, Industrial Robotics, and Green Energy Technology.
  3. Marcel Setiadi. Professional engineer with significant experience with BaaBSM system design and construction management.
  4. Al Monk. Professional energy engineer specializing in energy management controls.
  5. We have access to a multi-disciplined talent pool of academic, industry expert advisors, skilled in M&E, Architecture, Software Engineering and AI developers.

We believe we have the technology, team and business vision to create a significant startup with reach across North America.  We are seeking Seed/Angel Funding in Q1/Q2 2018 and expect to have our first consulting products available in Q2/Q3 2018 and be monetizing revenue stream in stages as mentioned in 2 and 3 above.  We expect to seek Series A financing to accelerate our developments enabling higher revenue collections.